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Children - Overview
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In this section we hear from those that were 'just kids' when the War came to Central Australia. There are stories of getting 'big army biscuits', and the time Alice Springs was thought to be under attack.

Early 1940s - Alice Springs
There weren't a large number of organised activities for children in Alice Springs at the time of the war, but the town now provides some of the best sporting and entertainment facilties and venues of any Australian town of its size. (Image courtesy of Adelaide House Collection)

As you can imagine, WW2 in Alice Springs for children was both exciting and frightening. The formerly sleepy outback town became a major centre of Army activity. Troop movements, tanks, trucks, air raid drills, endless rows of Army tents, Army entertainment in cinema, song, theatrical productions, boxing matches, and dances. The activity was alarming to some, and the chance of real adventure for others, overall the war brought change to Alice Springs and it was never the same again.

1936 - Alice Springs
Doris Elliott and Bill, aged three and a half years
(Image courtesy of Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory)


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