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Overview - Educational Resources

The educational activities provided are aimed at students in secondary schools. They focus on skills development as well as the acquisition of knowledge about the role Australia's desert heartland played in WW11.

Some activities can be completed individually, others are group activities appropriate to the classroom.

The Crossword and Word Sleuth activities provide a focus for scanning text, including photo captions, in the online museum. Table Completion activities are aimed at developing focussed note taking skills. The "true or false" comprehension activity on military life is designed to develop student's ability to recognise the difference between factual information and interpretive comment. The Outback Life activity introduces the idea of primary and secondary source materials as a basic introduction to the need to weigh evidence and be critical of statements about the past, their origins and validity. Comparisons between past and present life in Alice Springs have been included to enable students to understand the impact of the past upon the present.

Teachers are welcome to adapt the materials to their own needs.

The following Word document resources are provided:

1. Activities focussing on the sections relating to Military, Women, Outback Life and Children

2. Worksheets for reviewing content of online museum by Notetaking Exercise, Clueless Word Sleuth, Mapping Activity, and Crossword Puzzle.

Please Note: If you have a slower connection, we have zipped the files together for download. To download, click here.

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