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This online museum has been developed by the Alice Sprinsg RSL War Museum, a non-profit organisation managed by volunteers. In developing the content we have attempted to include as broad a cross-section as possible of stories given our limited resources. It is intended that this online museum and its content will be further developed over time as more stories, images, oral histories and so on, are added.

If you would like to contribute any material which you believe may be relevant for inclusion in the web site, please email us and we will include it in our archive of material. While we cannot guarantee the inclusion of any specific material, we do welcome any submissions. We request that no physical items are forwarded until first making contact with us, however emailed stories/images can be sent at any time.

Alternatively, we would welcome any financial assistance for this online museum and the work we are doing with our physical museum which is housed at the Alice Springs RSL Club (also focussing on "Central Australia - The War Years") . To make a donation in support of our museum work, please click here.

Early 1940s - Alice Springs
Compare the view from the top of Anzac Hill looking towards Heavitree Gap with the recent image of Alice Springs displayed when when you rollover the image with your cursor. (Image courtesy of Adelaide House Collection)

If you are seeking additional information over and above what is included in this site, then we ask that you contact the relevant organisation from the list in the Credits page as we do not have the resources to respond to individual queries. All references for quotes, text, images and video extracts can be found in the Bibliography.

We have designed the online museum to be particularly relevant to school children and their courses, and to this end have included a range of downloadable exercises which can be found under Education. We are currently developing our physical museum to house a permanent "Central Australia - The War Years" exhibition. This museum is located at the Alice Springs RSL War Museum and we welcome school groups (whether local or on tour) and members of the general public to visit our ever expanding displays.

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